Nobuho Nagasawa - Natural Jewels
  • Nobuho Nagasawa - Natural Jewels

    Natural Jewels, 2006
    copper with unique patina
    3 x 3 x 5.5 in || 7.6 x 7.6 x 14.0 cm 


    This artwork includes free shipping in a reinforced box within the US.

    Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


    Nobuho Nagasawa is a New York based transdisciplinary artist whose site-specific and community responsive works explore the politics, ecology, and psychological dimensions of space and people.


    The symbology of the female breasts throughout Western history is a much-debated subject. In Western culture, they have long been considered the centerpieces of female erotic beauty. The new female-centric perspective, which has become mainstream with the ascendance of the feminist movement, underscores the absence of the women’s voices and visions throughout history and claims their symbology as part of a new narrative.


    Nagasawa’s sculpture, created from copper with unique patinas, will age together with its owner: while the patina is sealed in the copper, the natural oils created by touching the object will change it in time.